We Offer Alterations & Repairs For Your Sydney Retirement Village

Make improvements to your retirement village by considering alterations or even simple repairs around the buildings. When a home is getting old or looking tired, a full renovation can help spruce up the living space but may not always be best for current residents.

Why not consider getting smaller work done instead? From extensions, maintenance, repair work, creating new or closing up openings, small renovations may suit your Sydney retirement village better. Our project management team can help you arrange a schedule to minimise disruptions to your residents while still keeping your project under budget.

Modify existing buildings in a retirement village with alterations

Everything from the construction of sheds, creating more doors, installing windows, expansion of rooms and even partial demolition can help create improvements in the homes of a retirement village. Sometimes, alterations to a home have to be made when the lifestyle of a resident changes or when they require the use of mobility aid to maintain their quality of life. Making these changes will help add value to their lifestyle and still provide them independence to do the activities they enjoy around the house.

We can also help your Sydney retirement village residents with repairs in their homes. Getting a professional to do repairs around the house will provide a peace of mind to both residents and to the village operator. A small repair that is not fixed to a high standard may cause problems again in the near future, causing inconvenience and unnecessary costs.

Let APGA help you with your Sydney retirement village repairs

Our team at Active Property Group Aust. is a certified member of the Master Builders Association and is fully insured so you can trust us with any alteration or repairs you require at your retirement village.

Contact us today at 02 9905 3811 for professional building services including construction fitouts, commercial defits and bathroom renovations.